Organic Chemistry Stencil Drawing Template

The best tool for drawing structures

of organic molecules without using a computer.

Why is it useful for you?
  • Finally! Here is a chemistry template that will help you manually draw the representations of organic molecules.
  • It allows drawing structures fast, with aestheticism and precision.  
  • No need for a computer, students draw their own molecules and retain better what they do. The stencil is used to take notes in class, do the personal exercises and exams
  • The stencil improves the understanding of organic chemistry particularly for those who have difficulties in drawing a spatial representation of the molecules.
  • It accelerates the line drawing, improves quality and aestheticism in note taking in the classroom and realization of the personal exercises.
  • It establishes a standard size for the various structures in the notebooks and especially exams.
  • The improvement of the respect of the many writing conventions favors a better perception of the spatial layout of the organic molecules. It is at the very root of the study of their properties.
  • This tool allows the teachers devoting more time on the chemistry and less on the writing conventions and technical drawing details.
  • The stencil contributes to increase the students’ interest in this science and especially their chances of success.