Educational institutions 

For educational institutions, our stencils are labelled with a bar-code to facilitate the management of your school store. 
We can offer special prices for you.
 Please contact us.

Individual orders

Before ordering you would like to read the following information regarding payment methods, custom fees and the return merchandise policy.

 19.95 $ CAD      

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Choose your destination and shipping mode 



1.     The delivery in Quebec and Ontario takes 2 to 3 working days, and 2 to 5 days in the other provinces

2.    We  strongly recommend you to use rather the more economic ''Regular Post'' service ( padded letters) for small orders  (≤ 5 ). It is a highly reliable service.

3.    We deliver to destinations where full postal service is available from Post Canada and where Paypal is accepted.

                 *   Add $1 by additional stencil.

                     If you prefer another mode of shipping, please contact us