User guide

This educational tool will help you to draw the various modes of representation of organic compounds and thus, contribute to improve your understanding of this fascinating science.

  • To take full advantage of this stencil, use a pen or a pencil about 0.7 mm in diameter.
  • For secure storing and traveling, insert your stencil in its envelope, then between the pages of a book.

The methods of representation of organic compounds are varied, and the molecules are often complex. The drawing of these structures is therefore done step by step. Here is a small example showing how to use the stencil. Subsequently, follow the same principle for any other organic structure

Step 1.   To draw a molecule from the sample shown, use first item 1, then draw the hexagon.
Step 2.   Place the green guideline of item 3 over the newly drawn hexagon. Plot the two internal double bonds of the cycle
               then the two external simple bonds.
Step 3.   Place the item 14 on the lower edge of the hexagon as shown. Draw the appropriate bonds in 
               order to complete the structure.

  For inserting the symbol of one or several atoms, shorten the length of the bonds as shown below.