Several copyright were acquired over the years regarding the stencil of organic chemistry. The first was already sufficient to protect the work however, as a precautionary measure, the author has recorded a few others.

Here is the list:
  • Certificate of Copyright registered with on 30/03/2005 at 13: 35  (ET)                                                Certificate No.: 00037253
  • Certificate of Copyright registered with on 08/07/2007 at  23: 13 (ET)                                                Certificate No. 00042346
  • Certificate of Copyright registered with the Office of the Canadian Intellectual Property Registration 08/08/2007.        Registration No. 1050922
  • Full Concession of the copyright of the creator Leo Duchesne to his company Kenemak the 2/03/2011.                       Registration No. 1084713
NOTE: On the stencil is a copyright dated from 2008 because it is the first year where the stencil has been marketed. But any person or organization or business who act in violation of the rights of the author registered since 2005 may be prosecuted.